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Mediatek SmartDevice for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • Version: V1.7.6

Get Your Smart Watch Working Or Working Better

Mediatek SmartDevice is a free bilingual app (available in English and Chinese) that empowers your smart watch with one APK. It's capable of scanning for smart watches across two protocols SPP and GATT (BLE) and once it finds your smart watch it can interface with your phone much more closely. It supports a wide variety of smart watches across various brands freeing you from using their software or providing compatibility when their software is unavailable or doesn't work.

Use Apps Get Notified

The most obvious purpose of Mediatek SmartDevice is to allow for smart notifications to be sent between your smart watch and your phone. If they can already be sent to and fro SmartDevice may help with any delays that currently exist. Aside from that it can also be used to install or uninstall Linkit apps such as a Yahoo! weather widget if you want to use these. It offers other needed integration features: it helps track steps and other Google Fit information can send email inbox notifications through MAP and can both track and find the smart watch with a 'find device' feature.

If It Works It Works

The only catch is that Mediatek SmartDevice only works with watches using Mediatek chipsets. Not every watch does though enough do. If your watch uses a Mediatek chipset this app should work and it'll work well for what it does.


  • Provides notifications
  • Helps find lost device
  • Fairly comprehensive


  • Mediatek devices only
  • Small learning curve

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Mediatek SmartDevice


Mediatek SmartDevice V1.7.6 for Android

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